About SW

As far back as I can remember, I've loved the fantasy of shrunken women. There is something absolutely thrilling and sexy to me about the dynamics between a tiny woman and the world around her. What a pleasure it was, then, to find out that I wasn't alone. The web is full of microphiles and macrophiles who share their love of living dolls through stories, artwork, videos, and roleplay.

As with any fetish, there are dozens of elements and flavors that make up any particular man or woman's personal preference. Some people are fascinated with the shrinking process itself. Some people like fairies or tiny Borrower-type creatures. Some people prefer to imagine a normal sized woman being whisked away by a giant or giantess. A shrunken woman can be treated like a lover, helpless plaything, tasty snack, pampered pet, or worthless insect. Everything from a woman's height, her clothing (or lack thereof), to the sound of her voice can be a factor.

This is site a place where I'll share some of my favorite shrunken woman media and some of my own creations. Thanks for visiting.

-Cutie Collector